Portrait of a Planet

Soil Ecology Series

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The images in each series are photo etchings collaged from images that I have taken over the years from Natural History Collections, my microscope, studio shots, and from my travels.

I enjoy the parallels that can be made between collage and evolutionary development. Both take what exists and modify its parts to make new configurations. I see visual forms as continually changing adaptations of what already exists. Complexity comes about through new arrangements of simple patterns.

I am interested in the way patterns arise through gene expression and the relationships of life on our planet.  The genes’ specific time of expression, their placement, and whether a gene is turned on or off plays a role in the appearance of things. Reading about evolutionary genetics allows me to have a deeper connection with the world of which I am a part. Researching systems, for example, with the microscope or with an X-ray machine, allows me to see more deeply and to perceive relationships that I might not have noticed before. Understanding the dynamics of the world humbles me and makes me want to have less of a negative impact on it.