Scratched Surface


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Split, Silver Gelatin Print and pastel, 24 x 20 inches

The Scratched Surface prints are one-of-a-kind silver gelatin prints. I have sanded down the surface of each photograph. The use of sand paper is a metaphor for picking at or seeing beyond the surface of an idea, but also creating a tooth to the paper so that I can draw and paint on the images.

The mixed media work derives from my frustrations with violent acts that I have seen and read about, as well as the feelings of paralysis caused by not knowing what to do with the knowledge that I have gained. The works are reflections about brutality and looking for patterns throughout history that might prevent the cycles of aggression that seem to reoccur throughout history. My need to know more about the injustices and inequality in the world left me filled with sadness and with feelings of outrage at those who lack compassion for others, which are expressed in this series of images.

Each image is a reaction to a book, a story in the news, or personal histories of people that I have met.The Split image directly speaks about the gathering of information. The ear is the size of the head; it is connected with a profile that has a closed mouth and one eye that is open and closed simultaneously. The Narcissus of Violence image is inspired by the story of Narcissus who is mesmerized by his reflection in the water.  Reading about violent acts in themselves without that understanding leading to a positive outcome becomes like a spectacle or like staring at a gruesome car accident.