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Fragmented Series, Silver Gelatin Print, 24 x 20 inches

 My Fragmented series is made by contact printing 4×5 negatives on silver gelatin paper. I take a traditional process and print it in an nontraditional manner. In the darkroom, I take several 4×5 inch negatives and place them on the 24 x 20 inch paper. I then take a piece of 20 x 16 inch piece of glass and make a contact print of several Polaroid 55 negatives. The edge of the glass makes the thin white line that contains all the collaged negatives within.

In this work, I am exploring feelings of frustration. When reading about history, I often feel that I am not getting the whole story. The images are disjointed because I am trying to convey that our understanding of the world we live in often comes from an incomplete picture.

Blackness pervades into new configurations. Spatial relationships reflect stream of consciousness where the flow of thoughts jump randomly around.

Boxes are contained within a black void. There is a push and pull between the dark void and the images. In several of the photographs, I purposefully darken a body part so that it recedes into space, as well as choose body parts that are photographed up close and far away. By putting images together that are seemingly unrelated, a new perspective is seen. Questions arise out of what is seen and what is not seen. Like an anthropologist seeking to understand a culture through artifacts that have been left behind, these images act like a puzzle. Each image that is created through relationships is trying to tell a story.